935. When you set your clocks ahead thinking you have 10 extra minutes

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So you set all your clocks ahead 10 minutes thinking that you’ll save time and get to work early, but you just happen to forget to set ahead your cell phone alarms.  So as you are preparing for your morning routine you hit the snooze button a few times thinking well I have at least 10 more minutes that’ll be okay.

In all reality, as you are setting up and getting ready you just Go to fullsize imageget out of the door and make it on your way with a minute to spare.  Phew! That was close.  You are setting up your car and smooth sailing to work until you get  on to the highway and there is a 3 mile back up to work now putting you 10 minutes behind your  time.

Then to cool off as you turn off the radio he announces the time to be 5 minutes even later than you had set all your clocks at your house.  Now how awfully time sensitive is that?!

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937. Getting stopped at a red light when no one’s there

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It’s 2:00 a.m. you are making it back home from the [club/bar] party, and you decide to spice up your route to prevent from getting drowsy, to take a scenic route.  As you are driving through you are on smooth sailing road hitting all of the green lights.  You hear a song you like then turn up the volume and jam out a little tapping on the steering wheel.

As you approach the next intersection you start seeing in the distance it turn yellow.  You begin to slow down since it’s a good few feet away, oh no cars are on either side of the intersection it’ll turn green soon.  As the light then turns red you begin slowing down and creeping to the stop bar.  Still what seems to be a minute you have to now make complete stop idling in neutral will not help.

Go to fullsize imageThere is no one out on this road intersection of traffic and you look at your dashboard clock, 2 minutes has passed by.  You start to lower your music so you can hear the car idling as you are waiting and searching around hoping at least one car from the opposite direction to at least give this wait some purpose.  So you start pulling up forward a little hoping the ground sensors will recognize a car is at the bar.  You then see the opposite direction lights finally turn yellow.

Go to fullsize imageFinally, you think great I’ll get through this light!!  As the light slow turns to red and then you get your car out of park because literally 4 minutes has gone by you hover your foot over the gas pedal.  No, wait.  The turn signal has just lit up…


Now how awful is that?!