906: Music videos has nothing to do with the lyrics

Go to fullsize imageRecently Lady Gaga (the outlandish fashionsita for wild clothing options) has come out with her premiere video for “Telephone”.  As interested as I was when I saw the image above I thought “OH NO! A phone on her head!  Well look who it is!”

Then again I give her props for some of the wild things you’ll see in her video such as her cigarette butt sunglasses, the dispelling of her being transgendered myth, girl-on-girl kissing, cursing, PlentyofFish website and Wonder bread product plugs, and more twitchy dancing.  The best part for me was at  1:38 with the girl’s shocked face on the bench.  Well here’s her video enjoy..or at least as it ends think of some other videos that make you wonder how in the world do they match up with their lyrics?!


919: Making a purchase and the alarm goes off at the door


Those little sensors hidden within the electronic games, DVD’s, and CD’s that we buy – well let’s just say any major electronic device that is of immense value cannot be easily taken out of the store.  We think we hold in the clearing after we believe the demagnitizer desensitizes the magnet in the product.  We take our purchase and make way leisurely towards the door and then the alarm goes off.

Then here comes everyone in the store looking at you and the other people walking out of the store looking back as you pause to look at your bag and then have to hand the staff at the doorway your receipt of purchase.  No it’s okay take an extra 5 more minutes to stroll over to an available register and try it again.  As you thank the employee you walk back over and it sets the alarm sensor back off.

The employees laughs and says go on through.  Well gee if it were that simple – hmmm…. Thank you for stalling all that time out of my life!  Now how awful is that?!

948. When your favorite show finishes/gets canceled

Dear Faithful TV Viewer,

As you begin to sync your weekly routine you stop cleaning out your toilet like a Monk with The Cleaner because the show you enjoy is about to come on. As the World Turns trying to reach you (aunt Isabelle telling you about her Nip/Tuck, cousin Hank, and your Brothers) you just end up blocking calls or invites to hang out because the final season of Lost is about to premiere. I don’t care if your little sister wants you to play teatime and sit by her Dollhouse right now, a new episode of Dead Like Me* is on! It’s natural to enjoy a good TV series, it’s not like some form of science fiction like the 4400*! Right?! All shows eventually finish off and close out until they are Pushing Daisies. It’s just The Beautiful Life of television.

So just Sit down, shut up because the Ugly Betty of all shows have ended and will be finishing. Raising the Bar for other shows to make way from the Three Rivers of Eastwick TV studios to the Househusbands of Hollywood. I leave you in Solitary thought to enjoy the silence of these great shows.

Yours Truly
Jon and Kate Plus 8

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The letter was brought to you by the listing of shows finishing their final season and/or canceled in the 2009-2010 TV show season and TV.com. *Not included in the season

Thanks for a great season you will all be missed!

977. Déjà vu

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You’re walking down the sidewalk and you pass by a sandwich shop and you  go inside and stop for a quick 15 seconds and think, wait, did I just go here?  Then your friends call you over and then start talking about a topic of interest that seemed like it happened just yesterday.  Is it coincidence or just déjà vu?

The phenomenon of  déjà vu oddly occurs in events such as these the similar locations, sounds, and sights, sounds, smells are reminiscent of a familiar time.  One that could have already occurred.

You can find it occurs in many items and events such as music artist reinventions, TV shows with spin offs and reboots, video games that are continually updated, movies with remakes and comebacks of 3D style, fashion with the in’s and out’s of trendy items, and most notably in history where events are mirrored to repeat itself.

So in all of these moments when you think it could have happened and it did it just might have, now how awful is that?

981. Realizing the milk’s expired

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Off to a late night wake up and for some reason only a cold glass of milk will do.  As you pour the milk with the dim light of the fridge open not to wake up the other people in your house and carefully plop in front of the TV in the den.  As you flip the channels you reach for the glass and take a gulp of milk.

Only to taste the warm curdled lumps of massy milk.  You run to the kitchen to spit out the contents and off to the fridge to find out that the milk expired a week and a half ago!  Thanks roomie!

Now how awful is that?!

987. Realizing you are short one battery

Go to fullsize imageThe universal remote you got needs 3 AA batteries, but when you look around the house you only have 2 AA’s.  You try to be clever and find some lesser used product in the house, oh the remote to the ceiling fan might work, nope AAA’s.  Guess that means a trip to the store.

Now how awful is that?!